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starpaint ([personal profile] starpaint) wrote2009-05-03 09:51 am

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How you know it's going to be a good day: you wake up, and there's a cat cuddling with your feet.

This is Squish. Squish belongs to a grad student who kindly lent her out to my roommates and me for the year (seeing as she also has another cat, a dog, and two small children, I'm thinking it was more of a PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME kind of thing). She's adorable, somewhat dull-witted, and likes water.

No, really.

I'm not a cat person or a dog person so much as an OMG-SO-CUTE! person. I coo over puppies, kittens, small children, rainbows, and butterflies. But as I live with a cat, a lot of my OMG-SO-CUTE! quotient is directed at the cat. Consider yourself forewarned.